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Engine Repair and Replacement

Replacing an engine with a new, remanufactured engine or rebuilt engine can add years to a vehicle's life and save thousands of dollars over what it might cost to buy another car. An engine that is properly maintained should last 100,000 to 150,000 miles or more.

Many engines are not properly maintained, negligence to routine maintenances such as regular oil changes, schedule maintenance and cooling system services, decrease the performanance and life of the engine. All Things Automotive can replace or repair your engine depending on your car's condition and your budget.

Fuel System Major Repair

The fuel system feeds your engine the gasoline/diesel it needs to run. If anyone of the parts in the system break down your engine will use more gas or may not run. Routine maintenance to the fuel system thorugh fuel filter changes and injector power cleaning can also lead to reduction in fuel consumption, especially in older vehicles.

Exhaust System

A car's exhaust system removes harmful carcinogens from the engine and helps keep the motor running at peak efficiency. If it is malfunctioning, it affects the car's performance and can even pose a health hazard as harmful toxins are released. A malfunctining exhaust system can also be the cause of a failed emissions test.

All Things Automotive serves Fort Collins, Loveland and the Northern Colorado area. We provide quality auto repair service and maintenance on any car, truck, SUV, hybrid, or fleet repair. If you need an oil change, tune up or an accurate auto diagnostic testing and repair, you can count on the technicians and mechanics at All Things Automotive in Fort Collins, Colorado for honest, dependable auto repair service at fair prices.
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